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Live Review



Review by Brandy Cline

Photographs by Michelle LaRose

It was a beautiful day in Central Florida for the annual Starke Bikefest. Motorcycle enthusiasts of all ages were present anticipating the arrival of Gator Country. Gator Country is Molly Hatchet alumni and titled themselves after Molly Hatchets infamous Gator Country hit. The State Fairgrounds were filled with t-shirt, food, beer and leather vendors as well as a myriad of motorcycles.

Physical Graffiti, a Zeppelin tribute band opened the festivities. Gary Ireland was impressive as a Robert Plant look-a-like/sound-alike and John Bradford emulated the master himself Jimmy Page right down to playing the guitar with a bow.

As the evening settled in, Gator Country took the stage. Fans from across the fairgrounds rushed to the front of the stage. The fans were whistling and hollering as the band opened with Bounty Hunter. Lead guitarist Linni Disse was not only smoking a cigarette but he was also smoking on the guitar. Towards the back of the crowd conversations with beer food and smokes filled the night air.

The band continued as they rolled in to the Rolling Stones tune Its All Over Now. Front man Jimmy Farrar points to the crowd as the four axe-men rock in unison.

Jimmy introduced the third song by saying, This next song is about a state of mind we are in or for some of us a state of confusion. The band rips into Gator Country. Linni bounces across the stage and Riff West concludes the song with a ripping bass finish. 





The next song was a crowd pleaser; Whiskey Man. Jimmy traversed the stage as the crowd went wild.

The highlight of the night was the next song, Dreams. Jimmy introduces the song as a tribute to the late great Duane Roland. Id like to say that last year, almost to the day, we lost a member. We miss him but we know hes in a better place than he was here. We would like to play this song in memory of him. Riff West raises his hands in the air and starts clapping as the rest of the band and the crowd follows in unison. All five lead-men held a unified front in reminiscing their lost friend. Linni blew kisses to the sky a couple of times. Towards the end of the song Jimmy introduced drummer Bruce Crumps son Bradley. Bruce relinquished drumming duties to his teen-aged son who finished out the set like a seasoned pro. Bradleys proud grandmother could be seen beaming and taking photos on side-stage.

The band then proceeded to roll into their first single Oh Atlanta. Bruce Crump commenced the tune with thunderous drumming as a harmonica player was added to the lineup.







Jimmy introduced another crowd favorite short and sweet, This is the title song from our first album. I hope you like it. I still do. The band rips into Beatin The Odds as the crowd roars.


 The band segues into Crossroads playing and seeming as if they were close family members.

The set was concluded with one of Molly Hatchets biggest tunes, Flirtin With Disaster. Jimmy starts the song exclaiming, See if you remember this one. The guitars taunted and teased the crowd with the first few notes of the song then stopped. The crowd roared. Again, the guitars taunted and teased then stopped. The crowd explodes. The crowd finally receives satisfaction as the song erupts into its entirety. The song ends as the band exits the stage. The crowd is screaming and thumping for more.






As the crowd continues to scream and thump the band reemerges. The crowd rages. Jimmy exclaims, Awe, you talked us into it!

The band completed the evening with Boogie No More as their encore performance. The evening was successfully enjoyed by all as the patrons in the fairground faded off to the nearest biker bar.




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