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    Redneck Role Models

So with the mix of A1 artists, The Redneck RoleModels is definitely working their way to being high on the Billboard Charts. Their music rates a high 10 with this interviewer. They have everything together to put out #1 hot selling music, the feel of their instruments and the excellent sounds they demand from their instruments, the energy and stamina they give to their audience at each and every performance, their crisp clear sound, and the fantastic vocals that will grab your heart and soul and leave you cravin' for more RR. It will not be long until they will be up there with all the other hot bands in the music industry, giving them competition in the music field that they have never seen before. Listening to the RR CD I found that there was not one tune on the CD that I did not like, But like anyone else I have my favorites, and they are:
Song: 'Custer': Excellent Southern Rock feel, harps out of this world , good ole rock and roll.

Song: 'Lost on Me': Again they give us good rock and roll with that southern rock taste.

Song: 'Whats Inside': Now this one I felt myself being drawned into the music, I really got into this one and so will you.

Song: 'Reminders':Excellent in all aspects, the sound is crisp, the vocals reminded me so much of Tom Petty, so this comes with a WARNING to Tom Petty, watch out... The Redneck RoleModels are in the house and hot on your heels.....

Song: 'Run': This I found to be a Hard drivin' tune with Out There vocals backed by hard drivin' wet drippin' licks.
The entire CD is filled with the lead guitar dripping with hot licks, the sustaining totally awesome.

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