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               Southern Rock Allstars interview with John Lanham for SBM
Southern Rock Allstars

(1)Hello gentlemen. The "Southern Rock Allstars" is a mix of "Blackfoot", "Molly Hatchet", and "The Rossington Collins Band". Would you individually introduce yourselves and give our readers a little backround?
Jakson Spires is co-founder of Blackfoot, drummer, vocalist & songwriter.  He co-wrote HIGHWAY SONG & FLY AWAY as well as all other Blackfoot material from 1975 until the original band broke up in 1986.  Jakson also performed on various studio sessions with artists such as Benny Mardones, Phil Lynott of Thin Lizzy, Blues legends Willie Dixon & Albert King.
Dave Hlubek is founder of Molly Hatchet, lead/slide guitarist, vocals and co-wrote FLIRTIN' WITH DISASTER, GATOR COUNTRY & BEATIN' THE ODDS, as well as all other Hatchet material from 1978-1984.
Jay Johnson is lead guitarist, vocalist, producer, engineer & songwriter.  He was a charter member of the Rossington Band & Radio Tokyo.  While Jay was with the Rossington Band, he appeared on the Lynyrd Skynyrd Tribute Tour from 1987-1988 & in the Lynyrd Skynyrd video movie from the tour.  He co-wrote the Rossington Band singles LOSIN' CONTROL & RETURN TO THE SCENE OF THE CRIME.  He also played guitar on THE RIGHT TIME, by Blues diva Etta James.
Charles Hart is bassist, vocalist & engineer.  He founded Cruize Control in 1986 & in 1987 joined Tempera, who appeared with Richard Marx's first tour.  He then joined Radio Tokyo in 1988, & in 1993 saw the release of that band's hit SONGSCAPE.  As an engineer, he has worked with Gov't Mule, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Widespread Panic & SRA.
 (2)All three bands were very successful in the music business. Can you tell us  what happened to those bands that caused you to form SRA?
Jakson Spires:  Basically, all the bands eventually went their separate ways because of the usual bad management & artistic differences.  SRA came about by the four of us knowing each other well, getting along well & knowing better than to sign what's left of our lives away!
(3)I understand ya'll just got back from Europe. What kind of response did you recieve and would you like to go back and if so, is that in the band's near future?
Jakson Spires: SRA has a huge fan base in Europe & Scandinavia.  The response to our live show was incredible!  We'd love to go back - this is in the works for 2003.
(4)2002 is just about over. What is in store for SRA in 2003?
Jakson Spires:  Getting a video & live CD released, touring, writing & seeing as many fans as possible!
(5)SRA's new release "Danger Road" is great. Would you tell us about its conception?
Jakson Spires:  We just wanted to do a good album with alot of different influences.  It has had great reviews & is available through our Web Store or at any of our shows.  Our website is
(6)Would you tell us where ya'll are playing next so some of can catch the shows?
Jakson Spires:  Our website - Tour Dates - keeps our fans in touch with us & where our shows are.  Some upcoming dates are:  November 23 - The Klick in Greensboro, NC; November 27 - Granada Theatre in Lawrence, KS; November 29 - Park Inn in Topeka, KS; November 30 - Desert Rose Saloon in Grand Island, NE; December 7 - Shady Brady's Backroom in Winchester, VA; December 13 - T&C Lounge in Waynesboro, VA; December 14 - Club 66 in Edgewood, MD; December 20 - Wagers Tavern in Trainer, PA; December 21 - Route 33 Rhythm & Brews in Wapakoneta, OH.
Hope to see everyone at some of our shows!  Thanks, John, & hope to see you soon!
(7)We would certainly like to thank ya'll for taking the time out of your busy schedule to speak to us and we wish you more success and well being.
Thanks...John Lanham for Southbound Beat Magazine.

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