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For some reason, media pundits are compelled to provide us with their 'pearls of wisdom,' as if we knew any better than you what would unfold in 2003. Bi-Weekly Express Article 1 from

Digital Interface (MIDI) files that sort of sounded like "the song." Most of you know that there are still many MIDI sites on the Net. I used to create and listen to MIDI files and even swap them among friends back in the day. Bi-Weekly Article 2 from

"As always, the corporate labels have no skills for innovation...only renovation, in the sense that, virtually, all of their actions subscribe to reaction, instead of
Kenny Love...
The Column

Every musician has, at least, two methods he (or she) can use to proactively earn an income, yet, most only utilize one method.  As an example, most artists utilize performing as their primary source of income. Kenny Love...Here

Gigging musicians can become so caught up in the normal "work" syndrome that, when a highly publicizedand well paying performance opportunity comes along. Kenny Love...Click Here

I love the old Jazz standard, "It Don't Mean a Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing)."  Indeed, one of my all time favorites, writers Irving Mills and The Duke (Ellington) probably had no idea that it would fit so appropriately in so many areas today when they wrote it back in 1932. Kenny Love...Go Here



Although it is similar to "self-syndication", hiring your own syndication deal (barter) allows you to do more of the things that established syndicators do, while going through less of the learning curve that training. Bryan Farrish...Self Syndication
There are several things you can do to help your promoter get new affiliates for you, and the most basic is a properly put-together marketing kit.
Bryan Farrish...The Marketing Kit

We've already covered all the printed items in the marketing let's cover the audio production that will be heard on the demo CD.  This is the toughest and most-expensive item in the marketing kit to produce.Bryan Farrish...The Audio CD Demo

Bryan Farrish in a 5 part series on Payola:
Payola (part 1 of 5),
Payola (part 2 of 5), Legal Definitions
Payola (part 3 of 5),
How Stations React If You Try To Pay Them


Most Musicians think getting a record deal is about having talent and being discovered. Well 30 years ago it was but not now. With the invention of Antares (pitch correctors) and modern technology...Article by Stephen Wrench...Here

I have spent the better part of a year  hanging out at many various nightspots in Southern California, doing research for the novel on which I’m currently working.
Ray Synkane...
Raisin Cain

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