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CD Reviews  Savoy Truffle Take To The Sky and Fly

When you hear the statement 'they are one HOT oiled Rock n' Roll machine', who do you think of? Well after reading this review and listening to Savoy Truffle you will know that they are the 'Hot Oiled Rock n' Roll Machine'. I have never heard anything like this group of fine musicians with the energy and stamina coming through a cd like this one. Unless you saw them in person or saw a picture of them, you would think they were USA home grown ole Southern Boys. Their home roots are in Japan, and how lucky Japan is to have this group.

Between Japan and the U.S., Savoy Truffle is making their rounds and making themselves one hot touring act. 'Take To the Sky and Fly' is Savoy Truffle's 4th album and in my opinion, I would have to say that this is what music is all about. 

Savoy Truffle has such an musical persona about them that there is no way for you to put this CD down. These musicians are the finest around and I do mean the finest. The excellent musicianship belongs to: Monji Kadowaki - vocals/harmonica.....Toshihiro Sumitomo - lead/slide and acoustic guitar.....Yoshihiro Ogasahara - bass.....Taizo Takafuji - drums/percussion.....Taro Takagi - drums/congas/bongos...with some help from their outstanding Guest Musicians, which are: Mari Kaneko - vocals (m9).....Yuko Shigeno - vocals/chorus/piano (m4).

Savoy Truffle has worked hard for the last few years to get the attention and the awareness of their material and musicianship. Every song on the 'Take to the Sky and Fly' is more than worthy of being mentioned in this review. I have decided not to list the tracks and leave that all up to you, I wouldn't want to ruin your surprise. I will say this though, 'Hold back the Tears' I found heart wrenching, not just with the lyrics but also with the instruments, the vocals and the background vocals. Superb song!!! ....'Brother to Brother' is a little lengthy but well worth the 13.5+ minutes of Southern Rock sounds with hard drivin' music that takes you to the edge , brings you back down softly and all of a sudden your back on the edge without knowing it. Make sure your seatbelts are fastened for this one, its a heck of an rockin' ride.....'Why Live for Dying?' is an southern rock bluesy tune that totally grabs your heart and soul. Monji is an fabulous harp blower, down, dirty and low. My kind of harp!!.....'Take to the Sky and Fly' is a beautiful song performed, written and musicianship-wise. Very Uplifting!

I recommend to every listener to trip on over to for your own copy of the Savoy Truffle 'Take to the Sky and Fly' CD and take my word for it, this is definitely the CD for every Southern Rock music lover to have in their collection. So do it now, go get yours...........CD

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