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CD Review   The Savoy Truffle Take To The Sky And Fly

Take To The Sky And Fly


Released 2002 (Big Stone)

Track List:
01. Change The World In Me
02. Feel So Bad
03. Burnouts Stub Their Toes
04. Hold Back The Tears
05. Brother To Brother
06. Heart Of Stone
07. It's Up To You
08. Why Live For Dying?
09. Take To The Sky And Fly
10. Winding Road

Monji Kadowaki - vocals and harmonica
Toshihiro Sumitomo - guitar
Yoshihiro Ogasahara - bass
Taizo Takafuji - drums and percussion
Taro Takagi - drums, congas and bongos

Additional Musicians:
Mari Kaneko - vocals
Yuko Shigeno - vocals and piano

Produced by The Savoy Truffle.

Now here is something I never would have imagined, a Japanese southern rock band! The Savoy Truffle may not have mastered the southern rock genre yet, but they give it good try.
  The foreign boys seem to have listened to allot of Allman Brothers music in their formative years. Vocalist Monji Kadowaki occasionally sounds like Deep Purple's Ian Gillan, at times his vocals seemed forced, but his style grows on you with repeated listens. Guitarist Toshihiro Sumitomo never lets up throughout the entire album (typical of this genre) and is allowed to shine on the thirteen plus minutes of "Brother To Brother." Stand-out tracks include "Change The World In Me", "Why Live For Dying?" (with it's harmonica addition) and "Feel So Bad".
  The band has a good grasp of the blues, while sometimes implementing a funky bottom end. It's southern rock for sure, but not generic. Check the boys out at and hear what could very well be the first Japanese southern (or should it now be eastern?) rock band.

Reviewed by Skid for Sleaze Roxx, September 2003.



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