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CD Reviews  The Mike Reilly Band ol' Knuckleheads

The Mike Reilly Band is quite capable of giving you what you want and like, when it comes to your music preferences. It is obvious that this group of musicians have worked very hard at making this CD a successful project, which their contribution is definitely obvious. The instruments are all in the right places, no one walking on another. 

Mike Reilly and Jimmy McGrews lead guitar licks are strong, clear and drippin' with energy. The rhythm section is solid, in the pocket with the action of Stu Nevitt on drums and Calvin Hardy workin' the groovin' bass guitar. Very seldom do I hear what I want from a keyboard player, well Mike Kahrs has what it takes to give me and you what we want to hear. Theres lots of key action coming from Mike Kahrs Hammond B3/Piano - I mean these keys are smokin' hot.....Awesome!!! Mike Reilly's vocals remind me of some ole' blues sounds only with a Mike Reilly 2003 Kicker to it.

There's not a song on this CD that I didn't like. Every single track has the potential of being a #1 hit on the charts. Here's just a few to start you off.......'Bang Bang Bang' starts this CD off with a really big BANG...'Livin' on Love' has some hot guitars/keys what the heck, it has everything...'Queen of Hearts' is an excellent blues tune, takes your heart and soul for a ride...'I Forget to Forget You' has some excellent material in all aspects...'2:10 Train' is a ride you will 150% enjoy and oh my those hot hot keys, right on Kahrs...'Breaking For You' another exploder loaded with dyn-o-mite...'Lamar's Tune' falls in the lines of Santana-like sounds, very good.....Trip on over to the Mike Reilly Band Website and take a listen and while you're there make sure to purchase the 'Ol' Knuckleheads' CD at:

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