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SBM Issue 4  Interviews  

BB Chung King & The Buddaheads Interview with Pat Benny
 "I first heard of BB Chung King in the early 90s. A friend of mine had seen you perform and told me how fantastic you were. When I remarked on the name, he said that you had to change the name to the Buddahheads because of a threatened lawsuit. When I asked why B.B. King would want to sue, he said it wasn't B.B. King; It was Chung King Foods! I've been repeating this story for years. Is there any truth at all to this story, or have I been perpetuating an urban myth?...
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Broke Americans  Interview with Pat Benny
The bumper to bumper traffic didn't help to calm my nerves as I made my way up the 405 Freeway, out to the San Fernando Valley to interview two members of the Broke Americans. I'd heard their music (see CD review, SBM issue #1) and became an instant fan. But I'd also seen their website, so I knew that they are superb musicians who live a lifestyle that this writer had to abandon twenty-some years ago or face extinction. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I feared that I was about to meet the Red Hot Chilli Peppers on steroids, or something even more volitale. What I encountered instead were two of the nicest ....more


Dallas Moore Interview with SkyDog

“Outlaw Country” - the term brings to mind images of Willie, Waylon, Merle and David Allan Coe. But to folks around Cincinnati, Ohio, outlaw country means Dallas Moore and his band, The Snatch Wranglers. Dallas has created quite a stir among music lovers who long for the days when country music was sent reeling from the heathen sounds of rock guitars intruding on the layers of strings and fiddles so common to the Nashville Sound of the sixties and early seventies. As the original outlaws began to fade into the sunset, where was the genre going to find it’s new heros ? Dallas Moore stepped up and filled...Just follow this link


Zola Moon  Interview with Pat Benny

Today is Friday, June 19, 2003, and I'm Pat Benny for Southbound Beat Magazine. I'm visiting today with First Lady Of Postmodern Blues, the one and only Zola Moon and her producer, Richard Vidan. Zola, Richard, thank you so much for spending this time with us today. First of all, ...find out 



Nocturn by Philippe Archambeau 

"Well, there is Alfie, our singer. Great voice, cowboy looks and a lot of humor and fun. Then Kay, the axeman. He plays all kinds of guitar, switches from rhythm to soloing and back...a real wizard. Arne is our keyboard player. Honky tonk piano, Allman style organ or jazzy e-piano, he plays it all. I am the bassplayer, backing vocalist and sometimes acoustic guitar player. And Johann is our drummer, always working on some intrigueing drum tricks....more




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