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CD Reviews  Exploiting Eye Getting Through
EXPLOITING EVE is a Los Angeles based Modern Rock band whose name has penetrated the Los Angeles and Orange County music circuit. The 'Getting Thru CD' so doubt shows the high-energy performance that captures all their fans.

No matter where the Exploiting Eve's performs they are noticed for their energetic music and professional stage presence . They have received extensive attention from Los Angeles and Orange County music magazines and now they have caught our attention here at Southbound Beat Magazine.

On the 'Getting Thru CD', I found their title song 'Getting Thru' with a hard drivin' beat that would catch any record companys attention. The song 'A Word in Edgewise' shows the different levels of musical expertise that ExEve possesses. On the 'Internet Song' was one of my favorites, it really showed Janelle Barreto's excellent range of vocal levels that she brings to this group. 'A Small Incision' was another of my favorites, I found this song excellent in all areas.

Exploiting Eve is an dynamic Alternative Rock band blessed with some of the hottest musicians, and they are:

Janelle Barreto - vocals/percussion: a Los Angeles, native, has been on the music scene since the age of 18 . Janelle comes to Ex Eve with the intense high range of levels of vocals that any singer would die for. Magnificent voice..
Andres Ramos - drums/percussion: a native of Cerritos and Lakewood, CA. Andres has spent his lifetime becoming a skillful, multi-talented musician, playing drums, percussion, guitar, bass, and vocals. And he certainly proves himself on this cd with his dedication, reliability and creativity to Exploiting Eve. He is capable of being a solid drummer with every beat being in the pocket.
Vincent Ramos - bass: It is only obvious that the rhythm section is the heart of this group.....this bass player one excellent bass player, keep it up Vincent. Great Job! 
Victor Lozano - electric/acoustic guitars: Born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. Victor is a versatile and accomplished musician, and boy does it show when he starts flicking his fingers around the strings on his guitars. Take a listen and you will see what I mean.. 

Exploiting Eve and their music, will surely become an important part of the Music Industry.. And the reason behind their success is simple, each one of them knows that each musician brings his own talent and accomplishments, and good friends on top of that. They will do whatever it takes to make it!

There is not one bad song on this CD, and even though Exploiting Eve is mainly an alternative genre band, there are tunes on this cd that is for all people.

To Hear and Purchase Exploiting Eve's CD's, visit their website at: http:// 
Merchandise, such as videos/photos/tshirts etc., is also available on the Exploiting Eve website at: http:// 

Muzik Reviewz 05/2003
M. Rudy

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