CD Review   Julia Lau “In the Wildflowers and Weeds.”

Julia Lau “In the Wildflowers and Weeds.”

Julia Lau is first and foremost, a superlative poet. Her words speak of life, of love and loss with a quiet urgency that is disarming and alluring. How fortunate for us that Miss Lau also has a beautiful voice, powerfully soft and capable of delivering the message of her words with a quiet grace.

It is notable that Lau’s vocals sometimes come dangerously close to the edge of mainstream conformity. Again, it is fortunate for us that she has the foresight to traverse that edge and place the same signature to her voice that appears beneath her words.

Although the production values are high, there are times when special effects seem unnecessary and a distraction to the beauty of the recording.

--Ray Synkane