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CD Review John Danley CD – Durable Americana

John Danley
CD – Durable Americana

You might remember Leo Kottke albums, where you were amazed that this was only one person playing acoustic guitar. Or you might remember another incredible player.
You will remember John Danley the same way.
It is difficult to describe in words how amazing Danley is. There are the harmonics in the middle of a song. There is the incredible speed. There are the seemingly impossible note bends. There are beautiful melodies. There are even humorous references to Led Zeppelin.
The “Americana” is more of an ironic reference by Danley than a description of the twelve instrumentals. Only the first and last cuts are traditional, “When the Saints Go Marching In” and “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”. The other titles show Danley’s sardonic sense of humor, like “The Ryan Adams Conspiracy Theory” and “Requiem for Henry Mancini”.
“Keep it short, keep it simple, keep it durable” says Danley on the CD sleeve. I am not sure about the first two, but this is a CD that you are likely to remember for a long time.
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- Dave Howell


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