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Ride With the Wind

CD Review by Pat Benny

The cover of the CD is black. “Big Shanty” is written in bones. There is a silver chopper, ridden by a grinning man wearing a top hat and carrying the flag of the Jolly Roger. Naturally, there is a woman riding on the back.

This ain’t no candy ass music. This is hard driving, blues influenced Southern Rock and Roll. This CD wasn't made for sissies.

The songs are credited to a D. Wooley, with some collaboration on a few. We can assume they belong to Big Shanty. The lyrics are angry, written by one who is sick and tired of the injustice, the deception, the greed and corruption of today’s society. Big Shanty is outraged, and he wants to tell you all about it.

That isn’t to say that there are no love songs on “Ride With The Wind.” The title track is a good example. This is a love song, biker style. Big Shanty paints a landscape that is tattooed on the soul of every true biker worth his salt.

The voice is similar to Lonnie Brooks. There is a throaty texture, enhanced by a considerable amount of slapback and a touch of echo to Big Shanty’s vocals. Shanty sings without trepidation; a voice as hard driven and purposeful as the heavy drums and percussion of Scott Robertson. Robertson’s drums require very few rolls. This music requires a lot of backbone, and Robertson delivers.

Big Shanty plays a smooth slide, leaving the lead solos to Liz Melendez, for the most part, and other guitarists. As with the vocal slapback, Melendez doesn’t spare the tube screamer to achieve the hard driving tone for this recording.

“King Bee” is far and away the most whimsical track, rife with boasting and some hilarious banter between Big Shanty and Melendez.

If you like your music rock solid, if you want it given it to you straight, you can find Big Shanty on King Mojo Records at:




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