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CD Review Michael Powers Onyx Root


Michael Powers
Onyx Root
Baryon Records




If you’re in the mood for some great blues music, check of Michael Powers’s affecting album, Onyx Root. The listener gets hit with a mix of slow and sultry melodies that showcase the piano, “Bird on a Wire,” for example, and fast, invigorating beats like “She’s About a Mover” and “Psychotic Reaction.” Although slower and more melancholic, track eleven, Graffiti, with its deep, rangy, vocals and wonderful guitar remains one of the best. And it’s impossible to stand still while listening to the infectious Shimmy Up. 

Whether plunging into soulful blues or psychedelia, Powers is masterful. Billboard Magazine has said, “More than anyone else, anywhere, Powers represents the future of the Blues,” while Time Out New York stated, “The gritty soul on his new independent release, Onyx Root, is befitting a cat who apprenticed with James Cotton.” If Powers has indeed been charged with preserving the future of blues, then blues listeners everywhere can lean back and exhale, as the music loved by many has found itself in gifted hands. 

Website: www.michaelpowersfrequency.com

-Laura van den Berg, BrandyA17@aol.com