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CD Reviews Arthur Mountaniol CD: Shamania  


Arthur Mountaniol

CD Shamania

Arthur Mountaniols work has been called shaman rock. No matter what you call it, Mountaniols work is unique. He plays all the instruments on this CD. It has a base of rock electric guitar, bass, and drums. He also uses loops and samples, and a bit of flute.
Added to this, however, are his unusual vocals based on throat singing, a form of deep-toned vocalization that uses overtones. It might be recognized as a technique used by Tibetan monks. On the second track, Australia, his vocals sound like a didgeridoo.
Mountaniol also has conventional vocals derived from New Age themes, as when he sings about changing the sky on Skychange, or sings about watching a rainbow on Writing Dark. At other times, it sounds like he is singing in tongues.
The tone varies from hard rock to light pop. But through all of it, Mountaniols unique vision shines through. This is music like you have never heard before. It is not for the faint of heart, or for those who are only comfortable with familiar sounds.
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