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CD Reviews Tony Koretz: CD - 'Kicking Cans'  

Tony Koretz: CD - 'Kicking Cans'

DrivetrainTheres only one way to listen to Tony Koretz' CD 'Kicking Cans', and that is with the volume pumped up, and hang on tight for the smoothest rock n roll ride of your life. Tony delivers on this cd, melodic tunes with energized licks and notes.

If you like good ole rock and roll with an fat-edge and a whole lot of punch..........well then this is the cd for you. Make sure to crank up the volume, it's the only way to hear each note, lick that this superb artist puts out there just for your ears. The lyrics combined with his powerful vocals sends us a ray of hope in this world we live in.

Tony gives his total all, to deliver his talents, singing, musicianship and songwriting on this cd project. Koretz pushes his axe to the limit, nothing like a guitar playing with your heart and soul. It's only obvious that Tony demonstrates his love for his music. Each and every song shows that love.

The 'Kicking Cans' musicians are: Tony Koretz ~ vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards, drum programming.....Nathan Koretz ~ drums, bass, saxophone.....Matt Schmitt ~ keyboards.....Marcel and Simon Koretz ~ backing vocals.

Each and every song deserves a mention, all I can say is go get your own spin and you will see what all the chatter is about this one of a kind musician. You won't be sorry.

BOTTOM LINE: Ultimate Caliber of Talent..Musicianship that doesnt get any better..Vocals to capture your heart and soulMessages in each song that can be identified by someone - somewhere at anytime.Make sure to visit Tony Koretz Website at: , make the best buy you will ever make by purchasing the Kicking Cans CD.

Review by Mary Rudy For CD Review Information Email:


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