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SBM Issue 8 Music Dish Articles  



November 8, 2004 Edition [NEW]

* CD Baby Pays $10 Million To Musicians For CDs Sold
* MusicDish Network Founder To Speak At Caribbean Regional Conference
* Genre Bending Hungry Lucy Releases 3rd Album
* Record Industry Announces Mid-Year 2004 Shipment Numbers
* Twisted Sister To Release 'Still Hungry' CD
* Deita Klaus Releases A Powerful Anti-War Anthem
* Tall Tales Of Osama Bin Laden
* Toucan Cove Entertainment Explodes On To The Scene
* IFPI And BPI Take Action Against Jetgroove.com
* Fluttr Conquers Prestigous Emergenza Festival
* Steve Barnett Named President, Epic Records
* John Ashcroft Host Student Forum On Intellectual Property Theft

Tony Koretz Rocks Out [NEW]
Tony Koretz is a man with a mission: to bring rock 'n' roll back to the table. Since first picking up the guitar at the age of 16, the New Zealand musician, singer, songwriter, and audio engineer has written and released music that just plain smokes with rock'n'roll fervor and passion, the latest collection of which can be heard on his 2004 release, Kicking Cans (Rocksure Soundz).
Snoop Dogg - "The Puff Puff Pass Tour" [NEW]
Join Snoop, Nate Dogg, Warren G, Bishop Don "Majic" Juan, and many more as they take their fans on the legendary Puff Puff Pass Tour. Get a personal look at Snoop as he takes his camera where no camera has gone before. Debuting on DVD November 16th, Snoop Dogg: The Puff Puff Pass Tour gives fans an all-access, back stage pass to never before seen footage catch a look at what REALLY happened behind the scenes.
Digital Download Certifications [NEW]
Interview With Andre Gray, Founder/CEO Of Digital Electronic Music Organization Recording Industry Association of America has officially launched its RIAA Digital Award Program this month with a recent reception in Miami as an expansion of its Gold and Platinum program. This is obviously the natural evolution of a growing new sales channel that is becoming widely adopted. According to Clive Davis, CEO of BMG North America, "even though U.S. music sales are up +9 percent so far this year, retailers are struggling to hold their ground in a market where digital sales are growing." According to recent reports by SoundScan, "there were 54 million legal downloads in the first half of 2004, compared to 19 million for the last half of 2003."
To Take Advantage Of An Opportunity, You Must First Recognize It [NEW]
Although the major record companies, have frankly, bastardized the business, the core of our industry has not changed for hundreds of years; the core is still ART and ARTISTRY. Be fast and flexible, but be precise and have quality control at the forefront of your business plan. The shrinking majors definitely leave room for the independent scene to once again be a lucrative industry. We have seen the European markets use the CD single as an amazing marketing tool to market and brand artists that go on to sell albums. This is a cheap model to get your music heard and to be seen on national charts.
Sherreece - An Inspired Singer/Songwriter! 
Sherreece, a New Orleans-based singer and songwriter whose fiery self-produced CD show that she has something to say and all the tools she needs to say it. In songs such as "When I Die," "Holy of Holies," "Change," "Where is the Love?", and "Wings," Sherreece backs her powerful contralto with expertly arranged and produced rock tracks, featuring her collaborator Byron Santo. It's a CD that demands to be heard.
The Story Behind 'The Fly Jefferson Airplane' DVD
by Jeff Tamarkin is the author of Got a Revolution! The Turbulent Flight of Jefferson Airplane

While touring the United States for the first time in 1966, the Scottish folk-rock singer Donovan began hearing positive things about the vibrant San Francisco rock scene and, in particular, the band considered the city's most emblematic. Pen in hand, he injected a new song with the lyric "Fly Jefferson Airplane, gets you there on time."

OnLineGigs.com: Making Touring a Reality for Indie Bands, Booking Agents and Labels! 
Every performer reaches a stage where they have to start booking their own gigs outside of their local area, which means identify venues, booking gigs, getting contracts signed, sending out press releases, developing and maintaining contacts, updating websites, etc. 

Budget The Future: Financial Projections And Budgets For Record Labels 
As we approach the final quarter, we should start thinking about the coming year and all that it might entail. Which means that not only should we be thinking about what artists and recordings we hope to release next year, but that we also should build financial projections and budgets so see that we remain fiscally healthy. This assumes you're already fiscally healthy. How do you go about assembling projections for the future?

George Thorogood And The Destroyers - 30th Anniversary Tour - Live In Europe - On DVD & CD
Recorded during the British leg of their European Tour in 2003, 30th Anniversary Tour; Live In Europe shows blues-rock guitarist Thorogood showcasing tracks from his recent 'Ride 'Till I Die' (Eagle Records 2003) album together with favorites such as 'One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer,' 'I Drink Alone,' 'Bad To The Bone,' 'Who Do You Love' and many more. 
It's All About the Music: Dancehall Reggae from Centron Music
Centron Music is a combination artist management and publishing company and an independent record label. It started as a touring sound system, a truck with DJ turntables and booming system where DJ's spun new records and instrumental backing tracks for live performers from 1985 to 1989. The talent they worked with included Ninja Man and Shabba Ranks, amongst other giants of dancehall.
The Perfect Marriage of Artist and Corporate Partner
Becoming A 'priority' At A Record Label 
How Do You 'Unleash' Your Musical Talent? 
Tips for Indie Artists - The Cleavers and Computer Technology
  Cafebar 401: Just Rock 'n' Roll The Record Industry: The Times They Are A' Changing! 
  Marianne Kesler - The Acoustic Madonna  
Vernon Neilly & G-Fire - Still Burning Bright
  Yohany: The New Girl on the Block
  Marcus Williams: Rising in the East
World Domination for Beginners A Marketing Plan Outline for Independent Record Releases
Susan Barth's Wonderland Laura Lahera and Fulvio Paredes - A Duet in One
Chuck McCabe is Cookin' Lighting Design: Why Hire a Lighting Designer?
Indie 2004: The 'Creative' You and the 'Business You'
  Marin Pronn Takes A Long Journey To Plastik Lies   Up Close with John Beecher -  

  Spotlight on Clarissa y Familia Latina

  Sebastian Bach "Forever Wild"

  Edwin McCain Catches A Second Honeymoon With A 'Scream and Whisper'

Smoochy was Right - An Artist Indictment of Clear Channel

  Leiana - Kick Ass or Die Trying

Indie Music Stores: Resurgence!

  Busta Rhymes Everything Remains Raw

  Rainmaker Publicity: Lessons From 8 Years In the Marketing Trenches

CoolBlueExit 'Winners EP' - Where Love and Peace Surround Me

Gilli Moon And The 3 Big Lies Of Music Conferences

Cat Stevens: Majikat: Earth Tour, 1976

Cat Stevens Returns With Small Kindnesses

Online Store HitMusic Goes Beyond Mere Downloads

Up Close with John Beecher - President of Rollercoaster Records

What's A Record Deal All About?
By Christopher Knab, 

Wavelength Breaks the Sound Barrier Cruzin' the Music Highway

APRIL 2004

>>Digitizing The Record Industry  

>>Creative Financing for the Music Sector

>>Foreigner/25: All Access Tonight - DVD 

>> INDIE NEWS BEAT Week of April 26, 2004

>>MECA Conference Offers Insights to Artist, Songwriters and Music Industry Reps
An Interview With MECA Conference S

>>The Business And Reality of Internet Radio Interview With Gregor Markowitz

>> Deena Miller - A Thousand Words Of Powerful Emotion

>>Spotlight on Orquesta Charangoa

>>ThumpINgrooves, Live Recordings Of The World's Top DJs

>> Zakk Wylde & Black Label Society "Hangover Music Vol. VI"

>> Creative Financing for the Music Sector 

>> INDIE NEWS BEAT Week of April 12, 2004

>>'Financial Management for Musicians' Author Offers Tax Tips (Part I)

>>'Financial Management for Musicians' Author Offers Tax Tips (Part II)

>> MECA Conference Offers Insights to Artist, Songwriters and Music Industry Reps
>> The PrimeTime Sublime Community Orchestra Speaks to the Nation By Ben Ohmart

>> Robbie Cooper - The Way Rock Should Be By Ben Ohmart

>> Flesh, Blood, Electrons: Harland Salt Box Lane By Mark Kirby

 MARCH 2004

>> INDIE NEWS BEAT Week of March 6, 2004  

>> A Little Space Visualized - Portrait of the Music as a Young Artist, By Ben Ohmart

>> Bringing About Awareness - Fore Reel Records Releases "It's About Eve" By Holly Day

>> How Can You Achieve Success as an Independent Artist? By George Shantzek

>> "Gum At The Wall" Marketing Approaches And Why They Don't Work Robin Spielberg

>> The Lyricist Brings Simplicity To Songwriting, Interview with Virtual Studio System founder Eddie Imbriano By Anne Freeman

>>What's Wrong with American Idol? Four Music Business Experts Say the Popular Talent Show Is Misleading Tens of Thousands of Aspiring Musicians ... and the Public at Large By Bob Baker

>> Pop Diva Christina Bulatao Belts Out Nothin' But Love Ben Ohmart

>> What's A Record Deal All About? By Christopher Knab,


>> INDIE NEWS BEAT Week of February 7, 2004  

>>Top of the Class: Andrea Klas Sings Her Heart Out By Holly Day

>> Bandit A&R Newsletter Helps Make Real World Connections By Chris Burnett

>> Cosmo: Get Up and Jump from Roots By Mark Kirby

>> Epoxy: A Different Formula for Success By Holly Day,

>>What Can We Learn From Janet Jackson's Breast? By Aaron Minsky a.k.a. Von Cello



>> Finding Your Niche Career in the Big, Crazy World of Music By Peter Spellman

>> Arms of Kismet -- Alchemist of Postmodern Pop By MuzikMan

>> INDIE NEWS BEAT Week of January 9, 2004

>> The Slow Murder of Michael Jackson: Fear and the Sexiness of the Undead By Polar Levine,

>> Richard Greig - Modern Classic Rock Imported from Canada By MuzikMan



>> Effective Stage Presence: For the Open Mic and Beyond, Get In Tune! By Spook Handy

>> Fallen From Grace - And on the Rise By Ben Ohmart

>> INDIE NEWS BEAT Week of December 1, 2003

>> Songwriting Commercially By Bronson Herrmuth

>> The Big Picture - Dreams Versus Goals By Ken Klar

>> INDIE NEWS BEAT Week of December 10, 2003

>> Leslie Clemmons - Stopping the World With Heavenly Vocals By MuzikMan

>> Liliana Rokita - The Hot Toluca Mama By Ben Ohmart 

>> Finally, It's About Music Dot Com! By Chris Burnett

>> MECA Music Conference & Festival - A Beacon For Musicians in the Midwest By Chris Burnett,

>>Effective Stage Presence For the Open Mic and Beyond Performance Dynamics By Spook Handy

>>Music Money Strategies By Jeffrey Fisher

>>From Africa to the World, Yaya Diallo Unleashes His Music By MuzikMan

>>Out of the Dark and Into the Light, Fire-Dean Makes His Mark By Holly Day

>>Saying Goodbye To An American Music Icon :The Man in Black: Johnny Cash By Paula J. Wilson

>>3rd Degree - Fingers on Fire By Ben Ohmart

>>Fleecing the Indie Community: The Song Shark Saga Continues By John Foxworthy 

>>Nicole McKenna: The Secret Is Out With 'Stay Awhile' CD By Chris Burnett 

>>INDIE NEWS BEAT  Week of September 27, 2003

>>Fleecing The Indie Community: The Song Shark Controversy; Part I By John Foxworthy

>>Fleecing The Indie Community: The Song Shark Controversy; Part II By John Foxworthy

>>G-Fire: Hot Jazz on a Low Flame By Ben Ohmart 

>>Zonana Strikes Out on His Own By Holly Day

>>Superna - Beats, Breasts and Balls By Ben Ohmart